Preparing to go

Hi everyone,

RV living is great and I’ve been doing it in LA since August 2015. I’ve been saving a lot of money in rent and I recently bought a newer RV which I love. With dogs is even more complicated to rent a place and all the fees we have to pay are insane.Like I wrote in the other post I’m planning to cruise around the US with my RV and my dogs. Ideally I should sell my old RV and my car before I hit the road. But if I don’t sell them by the second week of June I will put them in storage and I will go anyway. Meanwhile I keep working as a RN in a laser clinic and I will be making little trips close by to get some practice driving my 30ft coachman.

Although some people say driving an RV is like driving a car, I disagree. It is heavier, much bigger and sometimes not that steady. But I’m doing it so most people can do it too.

Women are used to hear that there are certain things that are for men to do. When I was younger sometimes I believed in that but not anymore. So, yeh…I’m driving a big rig and I’m getting more and more confident and I feel there’s nothing I cannot do.

I strongly encourage you women out there to pursue your dreams no matter how many times you hear people saying that you can’t.


The Cure show Hollywood Bowl May 24 2016


4 thoughts on “Preparing to go

  1. We have a 5th wheel and in the beginning I didn’t want to drive thinking I’d wipe out anyone that was close to me. That was a couple of months ago and today I’m confident when I drive it was a little getting used too but hey I survived after all I’m a woman 🙂

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