Almost ready…

This morning while I was walking my dogs I saw a coyote wondering on the streets. It was very early and he must have been hunting all night. There are a lot of coyotes around LA near the hills. I feared for my dogs and I feared for other creatures.

Fear: friend or enemy?

Some amount of fear can be helpful to preserve our emotional and physical integrity. Too much of it can prevent us for doing things that could be beneficial to our personal growth and enjoyment.

With everything almost ready for my new adventure I feel 1% of fear and 99 % of excitement. Every time I think about all the wonders I’m about to discover I have butterflies in my stomach and in my head. The head too? Yeh! I feel free like an itinerant butterfly that flaps its wings and reaches the sky.

I sold my old RV and I will put my car in storage. I chose a date: I will be leaving June 19th!! I just need to put my car in storage, organize a few things and I’ll be good to go…



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