Decisions, decisions…

Hi everyone,

June 19th is getting closer but I will have to delay my departure for a week. I ordered some promotion items and I have to wait for them to arrive. I’m also on the schedule for work so I have to honer that too.

The promotion items are to spread the word about neutering and spaying of pets while their sale will help me pay for gas as I travel.

bailarina magnet.jpg

This is a magnet the size of a business card $ 3,00 plus shipping

On the picture my dog Chiquito. A rescue from one of the LA County’s pounds.

galle kittyBw.jpg

This is a postcard $2.00 plus shipping

On the back says: Neuter and Spay your animal… An act of love…

On the picture: Gallega, one of my dogs I rescued in Brazil. She is with my family there and I will bring her to the US next time I visit. Kiry, a cat I also rescued and found a home for.


This is a magnet the size of a business card $3.00 plus shipping.

On the picture is Pingo. A dachshund mix I also rescued and brought from Brazil.

You can order any of these items by sending me a private message saying what item you want, quantity and address so I can calculate shipping.

So, I’m leaving now on June 26 and I intend to have the first stop at Salton Sea. It is still in California and it looks like a nice place to spend some time. It will be over 100 degrees in Phoenix so I might just drive by it and not stay there.

Salton Sea Lake is on the way to Phoenix and about 3 hrs drive from LA. I don’t want to drive a lot in the beginning so 3 hrs at a time sounds like a good amount of time to start with.

Salton Sea Lake is the largest lake in California and we all should visit before it is gone. I read that last year officials from that area went to Sacramento to plea to save that saline oasis. They say that “Toxic dust storms will increase markedly, and so will the chances of a rotten egg smell routinely wafting over much of coastal Southern California”. If you want to read the whole article:

This is a nice blog about Salton Sea Lake and general RV traveling:

The First Thousand Days




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