Meanwhile…we are at the beach…

Hello Everyone,

It is very hot in Los Angeles and I have a few days off so I decided to come to the beach. It is also part of my training on how to drive my rig. I’m glad that I have been in large highways so far so if I’m driving down hill with a speed of 4o miles/hr nobody honks at me. I’m still getting used to the vastness of my “car” and it feels heavy especially when descending. However, I also reached the speed of 60 miles/hr which is pretty fast for me considering I’m driving a little “monster”.

My RV license with a campaign to motivate people to spay and neuter to help control dogs and cats population and consequently (hopefully) decrease abandonment and suffering.

Come and say hi when you see us.


Faria Beach is about 70 miles north from Los Angeles.


Sunset viewed from inside my RV

I’m parked by the PCH in a county park. It costs $28.00 per night and $1.00 for each pet. It has a max of 5 days stay and a 14 days grace period. It is first come, first serve basis.


It is absolutely awesome to sleep and wake up with the sound of waves and, although we are by a freeway and a train track, the sound of the ocean overwhelms the latter.

So much to see and smell.


I also like to play .

The water is cold (60 ish) but after a while you get used to it.

Pingo and Chiquito get very tired after playing on the beach.

Pingo’s favorite spot to dry after a shower.

In case you need help.

Baby squirrel

Pingo loves to lay on the sun…Chiquito not so much..




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