And off we go…

Hello beautiful people,

I finally left Los Angeles yesterday and arrived at Lake Havasu City. The scenery as we come down on 95 South is very pretty. The trip to here though was a very hot one.

Note to self: never cross the desert in June in the middle of the day in the RV no matter how good you think the air conditioner is. With the external heat and the motor heat we, my dogs and I, were almost cooked alive.


The desert wind is also a danger. Sometimes I had to slow down to 40 miles/hr because the wind was interfering with the RV balance. Add big trucks to that and the heat I mentioned I can say that it was not a pleasant drive first stretch.

It took me about 6 hrs to travel 294 miles with a quick stop in a resting area. So yes, that is slow. This time I sometimes reached 70 miles per hr which is my record with the RV but I also had to slow down because the wind and down hills.

For the first time in this RV I hooked everything and made it work ūüôā

When I arrived in the RV park I hooked the electrical and turned on the AC immediately. I still had to leave the motor running because the house AC could not cool the ambient fast enough .

I’m staying at DJ’s RV park and I really like it here. Everything is clean and organized. Nice showers and bathrooms, pool, a game/meeting room, laundry room, and full hook ups for only 37,02 with taxes. No extra charge for pets which I love. All the indoor spaces have a nice cold AC . I want to come back here when it is not so hot to enjoy nature and do some hiking.



We are leaving soon to see the London Bridge and Lake Havasu. I intend to continue my trip to Flagstaff area and camp there.


Havasu Lake is really nice and so refreshing to swim in it when is 95 F out. Even my dogs entered the water spontaneously to cool off.

London Bridge


Chiquito enjoying the water


Pingo is cooling off


We went to a State Park by the London Bridge. Very organized and it is possible to launch bolts (if you have one).

They also have a big dog park with grass. Pingo and Chiquito loved it!


This guy is caring his dog on board


Now we are primitive camping on Walnut Canyon North )about 10 miles north of Flagstaff).

                                                                It is super quiet and free!











I’ve been on the road a little over 24 hrs and it seams longer because of so many things I’ve seen and done so far. I don’t think I can stop doing this. It is too good.

Well, if I continue traveling for a while I will consider getting a smaller rig. This one is “drinking” too much gas. It is very nice and comfortable and excellent if I’m stationary but¬†not for crossing the country. Wanna buy it?







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