It is impossible to talk about Memphis and don’t think about Elvis. In fact, most people visit Memphis nowadays because of Graceland.


If you like this amazing artist you need to stop by here. It is expansive. It is a tourist trap. But still a historical landmark and we get to participate a little bit in Elvis life.

Gate of the mansion. You can see it opening in the TV movie about Elvis from 1979

I found out I know little about the pop king. As I learned more about his relation to his parents and those around him, I admired him more. I new the artist. Now I know a little more about the person.

Me and Elvis pink cadillac

It is emotional visiting the place he loved so much. It is like been intimate with Elvis. It is like to live with him for a little while.

So many awards
Strange and tacky wardrobe but totally accepted and imitated around the globe
living room where he played with his pals
Back of the house


This is the only guitar I saw in the house. Most of his guitars are in hands of private collectors
Game room

This room above is covered with fabric. There are so many details and colors that hurts the eyes. But this is Elvis. Eccentric.

First recording place for Elvis, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and others

Memphis is a beautiful town but if you drive around a little you will see lots of poverty. You can notice mainly older cars telling me that the economical  situation is not very good. There are 183 gangs and a lot of uneducated people you encounter as you explore the town.


I rode my bike from Graceland to downtown (about 8 miles) and returned by bus. You can get a day pass for 3.50 and if you need more than one ride like a did, that is what you will gonna buy. There are no transfers.

Beale steet

There were a lot of guys around town and in the bus. Some were drunk and all wanted to sweet talk to me. Many people told me to be careful and avoid certain places. I suppose Memphis is not very safe. There is a strong police presence in downtown area.


We are staying in Graceland RV park. I paid 42 with taxes for a spot with water and electrical. Electrical is necessary because if you come during the summer you will need AC.

They have a small pool, coin laundry and bathrooms. The sites have a picnic table. There is a big area to walk the dogs. Everything is clean and organized.



We are leaving today towards Jackson, MS and possibly tomorrow to New Orleans.

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