Everything goes well… until it doesn’t…

I love traveling and it is one of the best things a person can do for many reasons. I’ve driven about 3.000 miles from California to New Orleans. I spent about 500 in gas and maybe 400 more in food, lodging and other things. But when your car/house breaks it is a big problem. The roads from New Mexico to Louisiana are so rough that I think that was a big factor that contributed to my RV transmission to fail (also the heat of the summer). It will cost me 3400.00 (update: actually it cost 3787,35!!!) to fix it and my not so economical trip became one of the most expansive trips I ever done.

The good thing about all this is that I got stuck in the wonderful city of New Orleans. I haven’t had the chance to visit it yet because I spent the day yesterday (when I arrived here) in the RV shop waiting for them to diagnose the problem and try little tricks to make it better. And today it is raining with thunderstorm.

I rented a room with airbnb for 30 a night in a nice neighborhood that accepted my 2 dogs. This is what I was going to pay for the RV park so not too different there. The down side is that I had to pack and I left some  groceries that probably will go bad ( they did, but they were not many) by the time I get my RV back (it should be by Friday July 29th _ yes Friday afternoon). Also I will probably spend more money with food than if I were in my RV. Considering the big picture (3400!!!) this is nothing.

This is a good learning experience. I don’t think I will be taking the RV anywhere else when I get back to California. I’d rather use my car and camp instead. I’m putting it for sale and I plan to drive to Brazil with my Yaris by October. Wanna buy my RV?

One of the things I learned with my dogs is to live the moment. There’s no yesterday. There’s no tomorrow. So I take advantage of here and now. There’s no problem too big that will take my pleasure of been here and now in New Orleans away. As long as my dogs and I area healthy and safe that is what matters. I can always make more money and pay for the 3400!!!!





2 thoughts on “Everything goes well… until it doesn’t…

  1. Hi,

    Just checking in on your blog, really sorry to hear about the transmission Ouch!! I’m also wanting to travel in something small, maybe a van or SUV. The space of a bigger RV is nice but very costly.

    Wishing you all the best,


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    1. Thank you Tina. I’m hoping to sell the RV when I get back to Cali. To live in the RV there is one thing but traveling long distances is another. Even without the cost of fixing it it is more expansive anyway. You are right to get something small. It doesn’t “drink” as much and you can park mostly anywhere. It is still nice to organize in a way that allows you to sleep inside comfortably and have a portable shower, mini stove and other few appliances to save you money in eating out and camping. Besides, food that you find along the way are not very healthy. Are you going by yourself?


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