Return to California

Hey guys,

It’s been a couple of weeks since I returned to California. On the way back from New Orleans I stopped in Texas, south of Houston. I stayed by the Gulf of Mexico on Bolivar Peninsula. I could park overnight right by the sand. The water was warm and it was not too hot considering there was a breeze coming from the water front.  Lots of mosquitos though.

Pelicans at Bolivar Peninsula

I really appreciate that because in most beaches in California we can’t park by the beach without leaving an arm and a leg.

A vídeo on Bolivar Peninsula

Next day my dogs and I crossed Galveston Bay by ferry. That was very exciting. First because I never drove on a ferry with my RV and  nor with my dogs. Second it was a challenge to drive that big thing onto the ferry and I didn’t know what would happen, but it went great. Third, it was free!

Video entering the ferry. Spoken in Portuguese.

We took 45 North fwy to Houston and 30 miles before the city I saw a sign for the Space Center. I certainly stopped there and I found out RVs and buses don’t pay the 6 bucks for parking. Great! But I paid 26 to get in and then 13 more to go in to 2 different flight simulation. They were ok. But I crashed the plane at least two times so I suppose I need more practice.



In the end of the afternoon it was very hot and the freeway to Houston was very busy, so we stopped by a hardware store to cool off and wait for the traffic to subside.

I drove by Houston and did not stop. It looks like a very vibrant city with beautiful sky high buildings. We spent the night in the parking lot of a Walmart in San Antonio. It was really hot and I didn’t sleep much. I wanted to hit the road before it got unbearable again in the morning. I’ve been to San Antonio about 3 years ago and It is a lovely city. Worth to spend sometime when the weather permits.

From there we passed by Fort Stockton where we stayed in a RV park with pool. I couldn’t turn the AC on because I noticed the shell around it on the top of the RV was melting. I supposed that was something really wrong with it. Turns out, when I got back to LA, it was all caused by the generator. There was something sending a message to the wires that there was a short. But it wasn’t that. $1.333,00 more to fix that. I’m totally broke right now.

I parked and slept on a vacant lot in Tucson. As I was walking my dogs on the neighborhood I saw a dog tied to a post in the yard of a house. It was a young dog. I get very mad, upset and sad when I see this kind of stuff. I could see the leach was long but he was all tangled and couldn’t reach his water. I left a warning note in the house’s mail box saying that I would be watching and if they didn’t give a better care to the dog I would report them to animal services. Well, they don’t know who that was and that that “who” would not be around. But would they risk not to change the animals conditions? Anyway, I feel I did my part and I just pray that the animals are better treated by these humanoids.

From Tucson I drove to San Diego. I gave a ride to a couple with a dog. They looked like travelers with backpacks but they were really wonderers who look for odd jobs and rob people when they have a chance. Few minutes after I let them in the RV, I remembered I had left my purse by where the woman was sitting. I kept looking back and I saw something suspicious. I stopped the RV with the excuse I would organize things so they could be more comfortable. I removed some stuff and also my purse. To confirm my suspicions, when I looked inside my wallet I had just used in the gas station, there was no cash in it. I politely said the money was gone and that I was sure they  could hep me to find it. The woman searched under the table and around and after a few minutes she found my 80 bucks. I should have told them  to get out but I took them to San Diego instead. During the trip I had that cloud of concern over my head thinking  that they could do something worse before arriving in our destination. That they could just kill me and steel the RV in the middle of the desert. But as you can tell, I’m still alive or I would be writing this from the beyond.

Wasn’t  it stupid steel all my cash? If she got just a bill or 2 I would not have noticed. So from that and the fact that she “found” my cash and gave it back to me I thought that she (and them) were not very professionals or smart so I would be ok. And please, how can somebody steel from somebody  else who is helping and will spend at least 4 hours together in the same car?  Anyhow, I haven’t noticed if there is anything missing since they left the RV but I’m not that organized.

So, what can I take from this experience? Can they learn a lesson of forgiveness and gratefulness? I could (maybe should have) kicked them out of my RV right after recovering my money. But I’m not like that. I just felt it would not be the right thing to do. Would that have taught them better? That if you steel you will be punished by staying in the heat until you find another ride? They had a dog and that made a big difference. They really cared for that dog and at least that was a good sign. Maybe they will become better people. But I still have this sad feeling that I attracted these kind of situation/people to my life and I am disappointed that there are people who have no respect and regard to others. And sometimes I even feel disgusted by what happened but I try not to. I try to forgive and hope this will not happen again to me and that people who harm others will change for the best.

I will not be discouraged to keep helping others or giving a ride. But I will not pick people up from the rode. I will try to get to know hitchhikers a little before letting them in and not take more than one at a time ether if I’m by myself.

A much better and cool weather awaited us in San Diego. I was very relieved that the days in hell were over. At least for that moment.

People in San Diego turn their noses to RVs even more so than in LA. Somebody called the police because I was using 2 parking spots by the dog beach (yeah, big rig). So I had to move.  We spent the day before in the same parking lot and it was fine.  Anyway, we had already enjoyed some time on the beach (the dogs loved it!) and I discovered a spot I could spend the night and the day without been harassed.  We still had a nice couple of days before heading to LA.

Upon returning to the LALA land, I had to find another job pronto which I did a week later. Now I’m working in a great med spa doing laser treatments. I will still be buried in a financial hardship for a couple of months but I will survive.

Until our next adventure…14067744_10153728025327371_1491481529582394499_o.jpg








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